Shagging his way through history

Jack Harkness is a starfucker
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swear_jar was talking about her personal canon, which included:

"Captain Jack Harkness is a starfucker. I like to imagine he had affairs with a lot of awesome historical figures at one point or another during his twisty time-line."

apiphile and derryderrydown said: "Yes! That is truth! Lots of people should write it!" and the idea for this community was born.

What can be posted here?

Jack/historical figure fanfiction and fanart.

'Historical' is a fairly vague description so we're imposing a moderately random limit of a decade ago. Feel free to write Jack/George W. Bush (if you really, really want to) but it must be set more than ten years ago.

Despite the comm name, this is not a slash-only community. Jack/Marilyn Monroe is just as welcome as Jack/Ivor Novello.

We currently insist on spoiler warnings for season three Torchwood.

What can't be posted here?

Anything that isn't Jack/historical figure fanfiction or fanart will be deleted by the mods. This isn't a discussion community.

How about Captain Jack Harkness/Captain Jack Aubrey?

Sorry, fictional characters not allowed. (Although if you do write the Harkness/Aubrey, let me know.)

I wanted to write Jack/Benjamin Disraeli but somebody's already written it. Can I write it, too?

Yes! The more the merrier!

I posted a story and somebody was totally horrible to me in the comments! What are the mods going to do about it?

Depends. If somebody really was totally horrible (hint: you can criticise the story but not the writer) their comment will be deleted and they will receive a warning. Three warnings and they're banned.

If, on the other hand, they just said your story wasn't very good, you're shit out of luck because criticism is allowed. (Although, just out of common courtesy, try to keep the criticism polite, 'kay?)

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